2nd Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on
Partnerships and Local Governance
International Partnership Fair


Registration period has expired by Friday, 20 January 2006.

You can register on-line by clicking on the interactive registration form below and filling in the required information. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration and participation within five days. The number of participants is limited. We therefore kindly advise you to register as soon as possible. Since registration is recorded in order of arrival. Registration for this event is prolonged until Friday, 20 January 2006.

You can design your own meeting schedule, by selecting the partnerships you would be most interested in meeting with, when making your Registration. Please choose 10 partnerships, and indicate your level of interest (1 indicating high interest 10 indicating low interest). Based on your priority list, 6 meetings will be arranged for you during the Fair. You will be provided with your personal schedule on the first day of the Fair (Monday, 13 February 2006) at the registration desk.

Please take care to follow your personal schedule closely in order to minimise empty slots. As meetings are being scheduled in advance, short-term changes will not be possible.

Register your participation here: Registration form

For further information on Visa procedures, please go to Practical Arrangements.

The organising institution cannot accept any liability for personal accidents, loss or damage of the private property of participants during the Fair. The registration, which is free of charge, does not include any form of insurance. Fair participants are therefore responsible for making their own insurance arrangements.